J O H A N • A G E B J Ö R N


about me

I live in Lund, Sweden. I study psychology. I'm a father. I make music from time to time.

I have two main projects. At times they cross over into each other, but OK, let's be simple:

  • My ambient music. It could be described as "ambient electro" or "arctic ambient"; not too far away from the sounds of Krister Linder (Sweden) and early Biosphere (Norway). That is, ambient with electro beats, giving the music a rich atmosphere as well as a distinct move forward in a sci-fi kind of way. On some tracks I collaborate with the singer Lisa Barra or other musicians. I've played live a few times and released my two albums "Mossebo" (2008) and "The Mountain Lake" (2011) on Lotuspike / Spotted Peccary (and you can listen to more examples in the music section). I have also appeared with exclusive tracks on the compilations "Die Welt ist Klang - A Tribute To Pete Namlook" (Carpe Sonum Records), "Chilltronica vol. 1" (Soundcolours) and "Collection 4" (Databloem). My track "Zero Gravitation" was included in a DJ mix by Matthew Hawtin on the 4CD "Richie Hawtin presents Enter Ibiza 2013" (Minus). Influences include Biosphere, Aphex Twin, Autechre, Kraftwerk, The KLF, Future Sound of London, Krister Linder, Derrick May, Pete Namlook, Laurent Garnier, early Moby, Erik Satie, Claude Debussy. I've made official remixes in ambient-ish style for Glass Candy, Brain Machine and Halftone.
  • My disco music, especially as part of the project Sally Shapiro. Sally Shapiro is mainly a ”neo-italo disco” project consisting of a female singer (whose real name remains a secret) with me as a composer and producer. We have released three albums "Disco Romance" (2007), "My Guilty Pleasures" (2009) and "Somewhere Else" (2013) as well as a few EPs and remix collections with remixes by Junior Boys, Lindstrøm, Juan MacLean, Tensnake, Little Boots, The Field, Dan Lissvik, Henning Fürst (The Tough Alliance) to mention a few. However, Sally is too shy to perform live, so this is a studio project only. In 2011 I released a disco album "Casablanca Nights" under my own name, with different collaborators (for example Sally Shapiro, Fred Ventura, Janne Kask, CFCF). I sometimes DJ with this kind of music. Full-length streams are available from Soundcloud, MySpace and mp3 samples from the discography. Influences include 80s italo disco artists like Valerie Dore, Katy Gray, Savage, Fun Fun and German singer Sandra as well as modern disco-inspired acts like FPU, Bogdan Irkük, Lindstrøm, Lovelock and Alden Tyrell. I've made official remixes in disco style for Lindstrøm, Jam & Spoon, CFCF, Wolfram feat. Hercules And Love Affair & Holy Ghost, to mention a few.
  • My piano music. It started with some acoustic compositions that I recorded in 2004-2005 (influenced by Erik Satie, Claude Debussy and Swedish folk music) and self-released on CDR in 2006 as the album "Music With Less Electricity". In 2015 I released a conceptual follow-up to this album, called "Notes" on Paper Bag Records. Both albums are based on the same kind of melodies, but whereas "Music With Less Electricity" was recorded live on an acoustic piano, "Notes" is an electronic, programmed production with more layers and with the electric piano sound of the Casio MT-52 as the starting point. "Notes" included collaborations with Young Galaxy, Sally Shapiro, and Loney Dear. The CD version of "Notes" came with a proper CD pressing of "Music With Less Electricity".

Also check out my own little label, Husmus Media, where I have released one floppy disk single with an 8bit-ish track and the mentioned (original sold out edition) piano album on CDR.

If you want to know what kind of music I listen to, check this link for some - rather old - top 10 & top 5 lists.

Political statement: I care about animals, global justice and the environment. I am a vegan and I try to purchase ecological and fair trade products as much as I can. I don't like capitalism and I think the welfare state is worth defending.

There's also a short biography on AllMusic.