Sally's remixers

Below is a list of Sally Shapiro remixes from 2006-2007. However, for the most comprehensive remix collections, check out Remix Romance Vol. 1 & 2 from 2008.

Rude 66

Rude 66 is an electro musician from Amsterdam who has released a lot of records on different labels for more than ten years. His track "Overkill" made Johan want to ask him to remix "I'll be by your side". He did it twice and delivered what Clone called "killer remixes".

Both available on the "Anorak Christmas / I'll be by your side" remix 12" and iTunes remix EP, the first one also as a CD bonus track on the "Disco Romance" album.

I'll be by your side (Rude 66 808 remix) preview
I'll be by your side (Rude 66 909 remix) preview


marfloW is an Austrian DJ running the Diskokaine label who releases Sally Shapiro's records. He is also part of the duo The Diskokaines, the other part being Princess Superstar.

His remix, which has received a lot of club play, is available on the original "I'll be by your side" 12" and iTunes EP.

I'll be by your side (marfloW version) MySpace stream

Stefan Jönsson

Stefan Jönsson is a talented Swedish musician whose music spans from trance and house to ambient and electronica. He makes progressive house under the moniker Monodrive, hence the name of his remix.

His remix is available on the iTunes remix EP.

I'll be by your side (Monodrive remix) preview

Chinese Theatre

Chinese Theatre is a Swedish project run by Krister Pettersson, whose debut album "Voices & Machines" was just released. He is also an established remixer, as you can hear from his remix of "I'll be by your side" which has a retro 90s eurodisco vibe, hence the name of the remix.

His remix is available on the iTunes remix EP.

I'll be by your side (Cheap Zyx mix by Chinese Theatre) preview


Dyylan is a promising musician from Paris. He has made a remix of "Anorak Christmas" which has been called "total sugar buzz" and "even more Christmassy than the original". Watch out for more Dyylan remixes!

Anorak Christmas (Dyylan remix) free download

Billy Samson

Billy Samson is a producer, DJ and member of Scottish boy/girl pop duo Electroluvs. He has made a nice remix of "Find my soul".

Find my soul (Electroluvs remix) Last FM stream


SLL is a Danish producer whose collaboration with Sally Shapiro started when he made most of the mastering of "Anorak Christmas" (he did a good job with it!). He has made remixes of "Hold me so tight" and "I know" which are quite slow compared to the originals. On the image to the left he looks a bit tired because he's on the plane back home from Ibiza. :)

Hold me so tight & I know (SLL remix) MySpace streams

Sgoliat vs Koolture

Sgoliat vs KooLTURE is a collaboration project by these two Argentine producers. They’ve remixed several artists such as Celeste Carballo, a rock star from Argentina. This clubby mix of "I know" features backing vocals by KooLTURE. KooLTURE has also remixed Pet Shop Boys (see Popjustice).

I know (Sgoliat vs. KooLTURE electro remix) MySpace download

DJ Aven

DJ Aven is as established Norwegian DJ and producer working with labels like Ministry of Sound. He delivered a free remix of "I'll be by your side"!

I'll be by your side (DJ Aven remix) free download

DJ Aven

This is myself, Johan Agebjörn, Sally Shapiro's producer, I sometimes make alternative versions of the tracks. The "Norwegian electrojazz mix" of "Find my soul" is released on the European edition of "Disco Romance", the other remix here is a free download.

Anorak Christmas (Piano mix) free download
Find my soul (Norwegian electrojazz mix) preview